Top 5 anal bleaching creams

Anal bleaching creams

I may not be a pornographic actress, but I am all for anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching because I want to look and feel good. I especially want to look pleasing when I’m naked and hot in action with my partner Steve.

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is a relatively safe whitening treatment for the anal area using whitening creams specifically designed for the sensitive and private areas of our skin.

Anal bleaching creamThese areas are often darker and looks unclean.

Many other men and women would like to have their intimate parts bleached or whitened and this is why I am writing about my personal choice or my top five anal bleaching creams.

As a recommendation and first hand experience sharing to everyone interested in undergoing the bleach process.

Methods of Bleaching

You can go to a spa and pay a ridiculous amount of money to have your intimate areas bleached. Or you can stay at home, order the best anal bleaching creams online and apply the treatment on yourself and still in the privacy of your own home.

For Your Information

Anal bleaching is a safe process to have your anus whitened and treated. Most anus bleaching creams are also vaginal bleaching creams and can also be used in other areas like the nipples and scrotum.

Anal whitening creamWith the use of best bleaching creams you get effective whitening in your desired sensitive areas. It is important to use only the best bleaching creams to avoid discomfort and even burning that would result to scarring and incontinence.

If you use bleachingcreams containing hydroquinone, you may end up getting permanently discolored and disfigured.

Top 5 anal bleaching creams by editors

Below is my personal choices of intimate area whitening products.Specifically designed to whiten intimate areas and other dark spots in our skin, these products have been tried by yours truly and I am pleased to tell you all that they work like magic.

Pink Daisy Personal Bleaching Cream

Pink Daisy Bleaching CreamI have personally tried this whitening cream and found it very satisfactory. Designed for all-over use, Pink Daisy is applicable for sensitive skin especially the intimate areas.

Pink Daisy does not contain hydroquione and kojic acid and is exceptionally gentle on the skin.

It is gentle and yet it whitens the areas you apply it to. What I love most about this cream is that it absorbs rapidly and does not leave a sticky or oily residue.

Ingredients include: Purified Water, Ethylexyl stearate, Glycerin, Sodium, Ascorbyl, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Tocopheryl, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil among other natural ingredients proven to whiten the skin effectively.

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Secret Bright Skin Brightener

Secret Bright skin anal bleaching creamThis is among my top five anal bleaching creams  because it brightens discolorations naturally, using only natural ingredients.

It is safe to use and contains no harmful ingredients like hydroquinone.

This is why you can use it to whiten your anal, vaginal, scrotum, nipple and armpit areas.

Secret Brighthas is a fast acting formula that will help you lighten the skin color of your intimate parts faster than most creams.

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DHC Alpha Arbutin Whitening Cream

DHC Alpha Arbutin Anal Whitening CreamThis brightening treatment is one of a kind because its skin whitener ingredient is alpha-arbutin.

Made in Japan, this skincare innovation is basically a luxurious cream with a rich consistency that helps the skin be elastic and prevents your skin from dehydrating.

Contains the following natural ingredients:Olive oil, vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

Body Action Anal Bleaching Gel

Body Action Anal Bleaching GelAfter personally trying this product, I found it very effective in lightening my dark spots and especially my intimate areas. It can be used by both men and women who want to have an even light skin tone.

This is one of the reasons why it made it into my list of top five anal bleaching cream. Steve and I both have used it before to lighten the skin in our private parts.

Made in the USA, it does not contain any skin-harmful ingredients and can lighten the skin around the anus, vagina, scrotum, penis, nipples and underarms.

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Dr. Pinks Anal Bleaching Brightening Cream

This awesome brightening cream is perfect for all skin types and colors. Of course, skin lightening depends on the original color.

Dr. Pinks Anal Bleaching Brightening CreamI mean, if you have dark brown skin, you cannot expect your intimates to turn pinkish white even after weeks of use.

The realistic expectation is that the skin on your anus or your nipples will lighten and brighten.

Dr. Pinks Brightening Cream is among the leading bleach creams that helped the users to realize that you get the same results at home and in the spa.

And you get to save more when you use treat yourself at home. Does not contain hydroquinone and other whitening ingredients that may harm the skin.

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If you’re like me, practical and yet adventurous, you can try anal bleaching at home. Instead of going to a spa to pay 150 dollars for a one time application, why not by the bleaching cream and whiten your intimate areas at home without anyone getting to see them.

It is important to stay away from products that contain strong ingredients that can be irritating to the skin. If you have any of this anal bleach creams, you are well on your way to whiter and cleaner intimate areas.

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