Mega bator Review – The Ultimate Male Masturbator

Mega bator male masturbator

Welcome to today’s feature presentation – The Ultimate Male Masturbator, the Mega bator review. Does this male maturbator, the Mega bator live up to the hype? Among the many hands-free male masturbators out in the market, what makes this stand out?

It is dubbed as the ultimate male masturbator after all, so what makes this such a smash hit among Pipedream products? If you are in the hunt for the best male masturbator, then look no further. Read on if you need help in deciding which male masturbator is the best for you.

Mega bator at first glance

Mega bator reviewI am lucky to have received this product for review purposes and give it a try, well more than once, to write this comprehensive review of the Mega bator.

Pipedream created a unique hands-free masturbator in the Mega bator and it has features that confirm the innovative qualities of Pipedream products.

The Mega-Bator comes in three colors that represent it’s different types of sleeve openings.

  • Red is for the replication of the feel of a woman’s mouth as it takes on your manhood. [See details]
  • White is for the replication of the feel of a woman’s vagina as you penetrate and thrust it with you hard tool. [See details]
  • And Black is for the replication of the feel of a woman’s backside as she lets you enter her from the backdoor. [See details]

Piipedream Mega bator

It looks a little like the male masturbator sleeve that we are already familiar with, but this does not look anything like realistic. Although, I must say looks can be deceiving.


The Mega bator is 11 inches long, 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It’s girth is at 9.5 inches and 3 inches in diameter.  The Mega bator has a vaginal insertion length of 4.75 inches. It weighs a total of 2 lbs.

When you order the hands free masturbator by Pipedream, you also get :

  • A bottle of lotion
  • A bottle of toy cleaner
  • Suction cup

It is stretchy and made of Phthalates-free materials. One touch features included and the sleeve rotates, reverse rotates and thrusts at multi-speeds.

If you would like to see more specifications, you can find them here.

Mega bator features

The Mega bator has the following amazing features that I have already come to love:

  • Absolutely waterproof (which means it can be used in the shower.)
  • USB rechargeable
  • Rotates and strokes up and down
  • Has an attachable suction cup base which will hold the sleeve firmly in place, like the shower wall for example, or any flat surface as it moves around inside to please the user.
  • I enjoyed this feature most – it has a mechanism that will hold your mobile device up as it plays your favorite adult films and clips while the sleeve is working to masturbate you.

Mega bator hands free masturbatorThese are features you know will make it worth your money and more. But that’s not all.

When I tried on the Mega bator, I was surprised with how realistic the feel was when you have penetrated the opening.

The material you can see from outside the transparent part of the sleeve shows the super soft internal Elastomer.

This part mimics how actual skin feels once lubricated and this is also the part of the sleeve that moves around when you use it.

When lubricated generously, the pleasurable sensations it will give you once in contact with your manhood will definitely impress you. Pipedream products really does lead the way in pleasing its customers.


The Mega-Bator, the hands free male masturbator, gives the users options in how intense the speeds of the movement are. You can choose from ten pulsation patterns and speeds. The Elastomer pleasure sleeve will move around according to how fast you want it to.

The suction cup can attach to any flat and smooth surface. You can set it up in the most comfortable spot in your home or anywhere you intend to use the Mega bator.

Hands free male masturbator


The only cons I can think of are the sizes of men’s penises it can accommodate. It is leaning more towards those with smaller sizes. So if you are well-hung, expect that the Mega bator will fit you too snugly for comfort.

Second is the thrusting and spinning motions of this Pipedream sleeve. I agree with some other customer reviews that it would be such a great idea to separate controls of speed and thrust. So you could choose to stop the spinning and stick with the thrusting or vice versa.


Nothing beats the way Pipedream has thought about the cleaning of this hands free male masturbator. I mean, it’s just easy peasy! When cleaning the sleeve after an invigorating and satisfactory experience, you just need to take the sections apart.

Pipedream Mega bator reviewYou’ll see many instructional videos on youtube and articles about how it is done, but you’ll also get a manual along with it when you order the Mega bator.

After taking it apart, you can remove the pleasure sleeve Elastomer and turn it inside out because it’s very flexible and stretchable.

It is so easy to clean! And since it comes with its very own Pipedream cleaner, you only need to wash it and run water on it for it to be rinsed.

You can also use your favorite toy cleaner. Simply wash inside of the sleeve, take it apart and wash the rest of the parts and viola! You’re done cleaning and all that’s left to do before you store it in your protective storages, is to let it out to air dry.

The Verdict

I am a fan of various Pipedream products and the Pipedream Mega bator is one of these items I favour over other products.

I just love how innovative it is, especially with the mobile device holder that allows users to watch porn while using the hands free male masturbator. Making replicas of how a woman’s ass, mouth and vagina feels like also caters to the different tastes men have.

How Pipedream products are created according to what the consumers want in adult sex toys and male masturbators make their products top of the line.

Rating 4.5

I give the Mega bator a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The price is a bit high and there is still some space for improvement, specially in mode section.

If you like Mega bator and you want to try it for yourself, you can find it here.