Fuck Me Silly 2 Review

Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator

In the spotlight today is Pipedream’s Fuck Me Silly 2. This mega masturbator has captured the public’s attention and has been in-demand since it first came out. Still, many are considering its purchase and in this Fuck Me Silly 2 Review, we aim to help you decide if this mega masturbator is for you.

Fuck me silly 2 reviewSome thoughts to consider: if you are in need of something different to play with, something very close to the real thing, then this toy is worth your consideration. Personally, I think PipeDream has outdone themselves with the Fuck Me Silly line of mega masturbators because of the fantaflesh and well thought of designs.

The realistic look and feel of the Fuck Me Silly dolls especially the Fuck Me Silly 2, make alone time so much special. The realistic dolls provide pleasure anytime you want it.

Fuck Me Silly 2 At First Glance

The Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator is a sight to behold. Once taken out of the box, the material called FantaFlesh makes it look very, very realistic. I must admit, I was super excited to know how realistic it was. Because many claims their products give you a realistic feel. But the Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator really did mean ‘realistic’ at its finest. It is life-sized and the flesh just feels good. The foam core is no deal breaker, it feels absolutely like the real deal.

Fuck me silly 2The Fuck Me Silly 2 is a doll that only shows us the torso of a perfectly shaped woman. With the slim waist, 36DD’s breasts and plump backside, it is a wonderful representation of the babe you have always dreamt of being with. No hassle and no real life complications as their advertisements claim. It is just a doll, but this is the closest thing to making love with a really sexy woman.

The doll can be penetrated via the vaginal tunnel or the backside. The Fuck Me Silly 2 mega masturbator goes way beyond the inflatable dolls that came out earlier by some other manufacturer. The Fuck Me Silly 2 is firm and the fantaflesh makes it feel like touching real skin.

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The Good

The good points of Fuck Me Silly 2 toy is the realistic look and feel of it – that’s the first major good point. Next would be how the toy is durable and stays in tip top shape. It comes with a revitalizing powder that keeps the FantaFles fresh and supple. This is probably the only adult toy that turns me on just by looking at it. One of a kind, for real.

Fuck me silly male masturbatorThe size of the tunnels is pleasurable. I guess, depending on the size of what you are packing, you’d get varying degrees of pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fuck Me Silly 2 – not too tight, but not loose either.

Penetrating it via the vaginal tunnel and the anal tunnel using the lube that comes with it gives you the feel of an actual woman’s flesh. The toy also allows you to enjoy it in three different styles. The busty toy allows you to reenact your wildest fantasies as well. So you don’t just go ahead and penetrate, you can play with it extensively. Use your imagination and the many online instructional videos you can check out.

The fact that it can be penetrated in two ways and played with through so many possibilities, make it partner friendly. It’s like having a menage a trois with the complications of actually having to share your partner with anyone else.

The Bad

I guess, to be honest, the price of this toy is one of its downsides. The quality of the Fuck Me Silly 2 masturbator and the realistic features make it worth your money, every single cent.

Fuck me silly reviewThe size of the toy is approximately 19’ long. It’s a little difficult to clean since it is best to run water through the tunnels of the toy where all the bodily fluids go through. The drain though makes it easy and since it comes with its own toy cleaner, it is so worth the money you spend on it.

You also need space to store it. If you’re planning on storing it in your closet, it will definitely hog space. I advise you keep it in the same box and maybe roll it under the bed.

The Kink

Rating 4Pipedream fuck me silly 2Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator is a luxury toy that I give 4 stars out of 5. It might be a little pricey. The benefits, however, are priceless. It’s like getting your own hot babe, doing whatever you want, letting you do whatever you want and more. I guess the kink lies in the fact that PipeDream was able to create a toy that gives you the feel and look of the real thing.

Adult toys aficionados are going to have a party with the Fuck Me Silly 2 and the entire Fuck Me Silly line by Pipedream.

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